Lodge owner, photographer, wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, traveller or just plain confused…….that’s for you to decide…………..

Aditya Singh
The Ranthambhore Bagh, Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur.


I have a background in sciences with a Bachelors degree in Engineering. I followed this up by joining the ICS (Indian Civil Service) and worked there till I decided that my interests and calling lay in work in the field of environment and natural habitat & wildlife protection.
I have lived in Ranthambhore for many years working on various projects in this domain as recorded below.

Environment & Wildlife Projects

Water security in Indala plateau in Ranthambhore (Jan 2008 – Present)
Started a water security project in the Indala plateau of Ranthambhore tiger reserve with the Forest Department and successfully dug three large water holes in the same plateau.

M.Sc. Environment & Ecology (May 2006 – Present)
I enrolled in a masters program in Environment and Ecology and aim to do my doctorate in the same subject.

Monsoon Project (May 2006 – Sep 2006)
I was part of a very small team that along with a few officers of the Forest Department of Ranthambhore conceived and implemented the “Anti-grazing and Wildlife monitoring project” in Ranthambhore. We conceived the project, collected funds for it and were actively involved in its implementation.

TOFT Representative (2006 – Present)
I was appointed as the Ranthambhore representative for Travel Operators for Tigers in 2006.

Documentation of wildlife in Corbett National Park (May 2005)
I spent 28 days documenting and photographing wildlife in and around Corbett National Park for a personal project that is yet to happen.

Third Tiger Crisis (Mar 2005 – Present)
I was part of a small group of people who highlighted the sorry plight of the tigers in India. This started from Ranthambhore and later on came to be known as the Third Tiger Crisis. This started a big debate between conservationists all over the world and eventually led to a drastic revamp of the official tiger conservation set-up in India.

Operation Co-Operation, Ranthambhore (Feb 2005 – Mar 2005)
I played an integral part in setting up, planning and execution of the short lived but highly successful anti-poaching program called Operation Co-Operation – a joint effort between the Forest Department and the stake-holders of Ranthambhore National Park – which lead to the identification and capture of three gangs of tiger poachers of Rajasthan.

Tracking and trapping of “Man-eating Leopards” (Dec 2004 – Jan 2005)
I was requested by “The Chief Wildlife Warden” of the State of Rajasthan to join a team to search & capture man eating leopards which were causing significant human damage in the Chittor district. This project was done under the auspices of “Tiger Watch”. This activity was successfully completed in Jan 2005.

Project on Bio-Diversity of Ranthambhore (June 2004 – Present)
I am working as a part of the team under the auspices of Tiger Watch which conducts bio-diversity studies in the region of Ranthambhore.

Kids for tigers (June 2003 – Present)
Coordinator, Ranthambhore
Kids for Tigers is a nation-wide program that aims at educating, involving, creating and enhancing the awareness of tigers and related topics among school children. I also am responsible for the annual camp, which brings together kids selected for their interest and proficiency in this domain where we train them to be naturalists and develop as “Tiger Ambassadors”.

Compilation of official listing of birds in Ranthambhore (2003 – 2004)
I was responsible, with another coordinator, for the compilation of the official list of all birds (resident and migratory) in the areas of Ranthambhore. This list is the official record of all the avians in this area and is used by numerous organizations as a reference guide.

Tiger population census (1984 – Present)
I am an active and regular member of the team which is responsible for the monitoring and oversight of the tiger census program in India.

“Danger in Tigers Paradise” (2001 – 2002)
Worked with The BBC in support their filming of the aforesaid 1 hour television documentary. The documentary focused on the life of a tigress and her litter consisting of 2 male cubs and the issues and challenges they face. Worked involved included tracking, identifying and assisting in the filming of the tigers.

Education & Vocational Summary

Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi
Bachelor of Engineering, BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore
The Indian Civil Service, Ministry Of Communication, New Delhi.


Citizenship: Indian
Date of Birth: 24/5/1966
Marital Status: Married

Picture taken by Andy Rouse

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  1. Dear Aditya, just a link to give you and update of the tiger population and action in Vietnam…

    We happen to live in Hanoi next to an area famous for its dog restaurants…wait ! I am coming to tigers … Although many of the wild life that are churned in the backyards are illegal, but recently a tiger was found in the boot of a car 10 mins round the corner from where we live. I leave it to you to figure out its destiny. The Vietnamese like all SE Asians have dead strong beliefs in eating animals parts to prolong or seek sexual potency. Ann Summers would do a wonderful business here! So doing, the forests here apart from the American nukes destroying all fauna and flora, locals did-do their best to see to it that all wonderful wild life creatures end up in a nice ‘nutritious’ broth. More of the local weird culinary ‘exploits’ is shared by Chef Bobby Chinn in his book ‘ Wild, Wild East’ he details his experiences and tiffs with the local colours and ingredients … more of him are found on BBC Travel & Living series. He is a fun bloke and a good friend and he certainly knows what he has seen landing on the kitchen tops.
    The reason for this long debacle is only to situate the market for the poaching. These poor animals yield 95% of their wonderful beings to totally uneducated, brutal, famished, and barbaric taste of the Sino Asians and alike ( Koreans come 2nd to Japanese and Chinese). There is a long stretch of some 6 kms in Hanoi littered with business restaurants. They are the sole places huge business deals are exchanged over a plate of exotic animal …right under the nose of the authority ! Great irony of it all – the WWF office is only 3 mins walking distance to the 1st restaurant….Let you imagine what a wonderful world we live in !
    All the best mate for the tremendous effort you put into your conviction of loving and saving wild life. We are only poor passive nuts who still cannot brave it enough to ‘crusade’ enough for it …

  2. This happened to me 3 weeks ago. It is unbelievable … might give you an insight about how things are easy here … Still on the hunt for a maid, I had one lady who came on a week’s trial. She was quick to react on the tiger picture you gave us and that we had enlarged and put in the dining room (nothing intentional) but offered us a pleasant picture as soon as we walk in the house. She started telling me about all the good that is imparted by eating tigers! I was on red alert … but kept my cool. Soon, she was telling me about her uncle who was healed of his arthritis after consuming tigers soup. And that she also had done so. Even suggesting that it helped Viet congs become strong to fight the invaders after eating tigers. And IF I wanted to get any part of a tiger, she could get me the powdered version of 100 g for 500US$ ! By then, my patience and calm had run out … and I gave her the longest speech about NOT eating tigers I could improvise. Unfortunately, there is authority here you can report the matter to …otherwise the lady would have had to tell her stories to someone else. Needless to tell you that after that, she did not get the job !

  3. Hanoi – Vietnamese authorities freed two live tigers from a car in Hanoi and later found 12 live bears in a raid on a suspected major wildlife trafficking ring, an official said Wednesday.

    Authorities had been tracking the suspected trafficking operation for at least two months, and arrested six people in the raid on Monday night, according to local media.

    The two live tigers and the bears have been transferred to the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre, according to Nguyen Van Nhung, an official at the center.

    ‘The tigers are in stable condition now. We haven’t yet decided what to do with them,’ Nhung said Wednesday.

    Police had been monitoring the headquarters of suspected trafficking ring and on Monday night officers saw a car approach the house and people carrying two large bags out of the vehicle, according to Lao Dong newspaper.

    The officers stopped the cars and found the two tigers – each weighing about 100 kilograms – alive, but drugged, Nhung confirmed.

    Police then raided the home and found the frozen carcasses of four more tigers, 10 bear paws, two elephant tusks, a rhinoceros horn and about 16 kilograms of animal bone ground into a paste, Lao Dong reported.

    Officers also seized a shotgun and two kilns used for making paste out of animal bones, used in many traditional medicines.

    Police arrested suspected ringleaders Nguyen Quoc Truong and Nguyen Thi Mui. Truong confessed that he had bought the tigers from Nguyen Thi Mui for 320 million dong (20,000 dollars), Lao Dong reported.

    Four suspected accomplices were also arrested.

    ‘Tiger paste’ made from boiled tiger bones is believed by many Vietnamese to heal the bones of the elderly and can sell for as much as 5,000 dollars a kilogram on the black market.

    Only a few hundred wild tigers remain in Vietnam’s forests.

    Trading in endangered species is subject to a prison term of up to seven years and a cash fine of up to 20 million dong (1,250 dollars) under Vietnamese law.

  4. aditya ji , I hope we are of same charactor. like to meet you. My threat area is Achanakmar Sanctury , Chhatisgarh, I invite you to visit realy untouched jugles of central india , ihave been exploring this area since 1989 , still there are dozens of valley where i have not entered . ok


  5. Dear Aditya,

    Its really heartening to know more about you although I hav been watching ur images on INW for some time.I really admire ur guts, to give up a govt. job and plunge into wildlife activities.Keep it up and all the best.Wish to meet you sometime.Even I hav the same passion for Indian wildlife,but I hav not been able to get into it fulltime.But surely try to do more after learning about your activities.



  6. Dear Mr. Aditya Singh,

    I recently visited your website but many times seeing your work at INW. I appreciate your love for the wildlife and tigers, for that you’ve given up your previous job. I wish you all the best luck for all the activities & future. Love for Wildlife is a matter that can’t described in words. For me wildlife is first love, and become full time wildlife artist for the last 4 years. To be always with the nature is like a dream come true. I wish all the creatures live their life with love & freedom like us. Someday i’ll surely visit ranthambhore….

    with all best wishes & have lots of success,

    Rahul Parekh

  7. Dear Mr. Aditya “Dicky” Singh,

    My husband is a Director of Photography filming a high profile documentary in India right now. He is interested in visiting Ranthambore to film Tigers on October 2nd, 2008. I’d like to exchange some private emails with you. Please email me.

    Kind regards,
    Madison Slate

  8. hello Aditya!

    we stayed at your hotel on the 27th and the 28th of October this year.
    this is to say thank you for such a homely atmosphere and your very friendly and well trained staff.
    there i experienced hospitality in its true sense!
    u may remember me by the fact that u arranged for our transfer from the room to tent no.4 (Karen’s tent) on our request—Thanx a million for that!
    we really enjoyed our stay at Ranthambore Bagh-and though my husband and my daughter couldnt get to see the tiger-i was lucky enough that i spotted a tiger-it was one of its kind of experience
    i wanted to thank u personally before leaving but i couldnt find you.
    bye and thanx once more

  9. Hi Aditya,
    I was at Ranthambhore on 20/Nov/08 but unfortunately the visit was in a hurry (was attending a marriage at Jaipur). I just managed to miss the main safari to the park and had to be satisfied with the Sawai-Madhopur sanctuary. I still loved that immensely. I was planning to visit again in Dec/Jan and then came across your website. Seems to be an extremely interesting place. Now I know I will be staying with you. With lots of excitement looking forward to the trip.

  10. Dear Aditya,

    we (my friend, daughter and me) are visiting you on the weekend of the 23rd. Wanted to talk to you about various points which we are confused about as time is limited and we want to taken in as much of life/air/sights at Ranthambhore as possible. Was at Periyar last year and saw nothing but bison… as much as I understand that the big cat is his own master, am excited about the possibility… Do write to me on my email or let me have your number so that you can help us figure what how we should distribute our time.

  11. Hi Aditya,
    Happy New Year!
    do you have any other news on the sariska tigers?
    I think considering the Tigers came from Ranthambhore that the forest department should keep you guys informed!
    Has anyone you know actually visited Sariska and seen them?

  12. I will travel to India next month for 3 weeks – with 2 of those in the tiger parks – my gear will consist of nikon d3 200-400 vr – can you suggest the best stabilization system (monopod, tripod, bag, clamp) to use in the open Jeeps – unfortunatley my wife and I will not have a private vechicle as we do in Africa since we are part of a group

    any help would be greatly apprecviated


    Bill White

  13. Hi,
    Came across your website as my son and I are coming to India in February and are coming to Ranthambhore to do a morning safari.
    Great website and really lovely photos.
    Do you think we have any chance of seeing a tiger – morning safari, mid Feb?
    What else will we see?
    Also, is there malaria in the park?
    Looking forward to visiting vert much

  14. Dear Mr Singh

    I am hoping you can help me with images for a publication I am at present
    producing. I represent Wetlands International (, a
    non-profit making organisation dedicated solely to wetland conservation and
    sustainable management.

    Wetlands International is producing a Wader (Shorebird) Atlas of species
    which use the flyways to and from Africa north into Russia. The book will
    have information relevant to decision makers, politicians, government officials,
    conservation organisations and similar. Besides the text, tables and maps for
    each species and to help ‘brighten’ the information we are trying to
    find one photograph for each of the 90 species. I have just seen your beautiful image
    of a Great Thicknee and wondered if it was possible
    to use this photograph in the Atlas.

    The budget for this project is small and the money available does not do
    justice to your beautiful photograph! However, I can offer 15 euros for
    each photo used plus, of course, an acknowledgement alongside each photo.

    If you kindly agree to WI using your images could you send me a
    high-resolution of about 1Mb in size of the image attached to this email.

    I will then need an invoice made out to Wetlands International for them to
    be able to pay you in euros.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Rodney West Designer

  15. Just a short note to say I have enjoyed reading your blog. You bring the forest to life for people like me who are far from it. Your writing is clear and passionate; your sentences flow beauifully, and it is a pleasure to hear your thoughts.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the T3 collar story, and read with great interest, your views on sustainable tourism.

    – Deepa

  16. Hey Dicky

    found this site while going thru ranthambhore sites … just browsing around .. and guess what there you were and I had no bloody idea!!!!!!!!

    Coming to check iur place out soooooooooon:):)


  17. Your pioneering effort to save tigers and other fauna and flora particularly in Ranthambhore and Sariska have enriched our knowledge and earned our deep appreciation. I have been frequently roaming in the Indian jungles since my first experience of forest in visiting Sariska Sanctuary in October,1970. Both terrains of Ranthambhore and Sundarbans are examples of diversity at its extreme and Tigers still survive because of efforts of persons like you. Aditya, please post latest information about estimated number of Tigers and Leopards in Ranthambhore. What exactly is happening in Sariska!For last three months news are posted that tigress will give birth of cubs during monsoons.SAKTIPADA PANIGRAHI DL 47,SALT LAKE,KOLKATA 700091

  18. i love wildlife like hell………and hearing about all those people eating tiger to cure their illness..its weird…if we tell them to eat human meat for curing illness , will they become cannibals…!

  19. Dear Aditya,

    I am a close friend of Nitin (AK…silky) and Mathew Abraham I am married to his wife’s sister.
    Great web site, I love the passion you have for your work.

    I am a keen photographer and come to India often , I would love to go professional (when the wife lets me)…. I have been working on my web site still need to put more images/content in,
    I would love you to comment on my work Nitin speaks very highly of you ….when he’s sober.

    I look forward to your reply


  20. Dear Dicky Bana,

    great profile to read, I was searching detail about Ranthambhor national park, your blog came & kept reading your both sites( & for many hours. Picture & Information is really amazing.

    Being leaving in bangalore, I explore most of time in bandipur/nagerhole/madumali national park.

    It was great pleasure to read a person like you.


    Yashpal S Rathore

  21. Hi Aditya,
    Went through your blog and invested good time with a wonderful
    ROI.Great Job,keep it up. I had been to Ranthambhore last year
    and wish to add the same in my annual calender.
    Wish to catch up with you and imbibe whatever I can.
    Saurabh Bhatnagar

  22. Hi! I am a wildlife enthusiast and great lover of Tigers. I have been to corbett 6 times. Corbett is like my second home as I use to visit there twice a year atleast. This time I want to visit Ranthambore. I have met you once around 5-6 years back in Delhi whe you were planning to get a website developed. I am working with Indiamart. I would love to stay with you to have a wonderful experience of Ranthambore. Kindly suggest what is the best time to visit there.

    Faisal Ahmed
    9711070786 / 9810190807

  23. Hi Dicky,

    It was a pleasure going thru ur blog. Your pics are also amazing. Would love to join hands in your efforts towards wildlife conservation. No idea – how and where to start. Gr8 job

  24. Dear Aditya,

    I would start by really appreciating your cause and dedication which is remarkable in today’s times.

    I really have read every article on your website and must say that
    you do inspire me to get away from the urban segment of life.

    We intend to travel to ranthambhore on the 26th Dec 09 till the 29th Dec.

    Could you please confirm for me if we could book accomodation in your lodge on the roof of which a Tiger had called home for few days.I do a little bit of photography as well and was so excited about Ranthambhore that I bought myself a new 500 mm lens.

    I shall really appreciate your response.

    Warm Regards,


  25. hallo sir,
    amazing website and wonderful photographes
    heads of to u, i m a nature lover and a very big fan of ur pictures. i want to become a wild life photographer
    will u plz help me

  26. hallo sir ,
    thank u so much for ur suggetion i m very happy to see ur reply
    i want to know that where is machhli now? she changed her
    terretory or moving arround in raj bagh area.
    plz reply .
    intazar ahmad

  27. Dear Aditya,
    I read some of your posts here and feel really sad for the tigers that they have been identified as the National Animal but still Government and National Park Authorities aren’t doing enough to secure their future. I am passionate about Big Cats and I hope in near future I will be able to make a contribution being in the field. I have a passion of Photography and I must accept that I am a serious enthusiast when it comes to Photography and my interest are Nature and Wildlife.
    Lets,leave all these things behind and get to the serious thing that I thought I should discuss with you and you could be the person who could seriously do something about tigers as you have a great experience and being in the field you know better than anyone else in Delhi.
    By profession I am into IT and I was just thinking that if we could start a Database and a knowledge base which could work as an interface to brainstorm and get most of conservationist around the globe together to share their knwoledge would be of big help.
    The thing that is most important is Maintaining a current database of Tigers in different National Reserves by taking pictures and identifying as many individuals as possible.
    I hope that you get a rough idea of what I am trying to say.
    Wish you all the luck for your future adventures.
    (New Delhi)

  28. Sir,
    Myself a student of Architecture, NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh congratulates you for doing such a brilliant work in field of Wildlife Photograpy.

    If it could be possible that you can embrace our students by giving us tips on nature and wildlife photography in our annual technical fest NIMBUS, which is to be held from 12 mar – 14 mar it will be a honor in our part.

    We would be highly obliged and will feel honored for your support in any manner.

    Adwitiya Patro

  29. Dear Aditya
    Spoke to you tonite and was really nice to put a voice to the name,a brillant blog/website you have and your background is very special,really looking forward to my trip in april and I will bring you some english tea from my home.All the best Aditya.

    Best Wishes

    craig jones

  30. Hello Sir,

    I was in Ranthambhore on 1st and 2nd Feb 2010, but its my hard luck, could nt able see tiger, we did Evening Safari in canter, Rahis was our driver, we were on Zone 2, but on the same day , There was great sighting by T17 on Zone 3, it was really our bad luck, but on next day in early, woke up at 4:00 , bought a zipsy , got the Zone 3 , but agaain hard luck, T12 was on Zone 2.

    from that day Tigers are on my mind, read so many stuff written by you, dharmendra khandelwal, deepali etc. great stuff, Hats to you.

    I want to meet you, I want to see tiger,

    I want to join you for Tiger Conservation. I m a Software Engineer, I am also a web designer n developer, I m from New Delhi, I want to talk to you and wanna meet you..

    Sumit Saini


  31. dear sir ,

    i am azim siddiqui, i have seen and read about your work, it is amazing and it shows your zeal to work for wildlife. i wish the best for you.
    sir right now i am in service but it was from my childhood to be work for the wildlife and i didnt get the way i need to ask you that could i start it on today and what will be the way for it,
    could you guide me for it.

  32. Hi Aditya,
    I hope you are well and really hope that you can find the time to update your blog as I really enjoy hearing all about the wildlife encounters you have!
    Please could you tell me if there is a census again this year and what are the dates etc!
    kind regards

  33. Hi Aditya,

    3:17 AM Feb 28th 2010 , They are all asleep , I just happened to stumble upon your blogs and it has been love at 1st sight, You are an inspiration to wildlife lovers like me , BTW me and a friend are planning a trip to Ranthambore this year and I’m sure that I will do 2 things :
    1. Meet Machali
    2. Meet Aditya Singh

    Sad part though !!! Both will be subject to availability 🙁

    Cheers Mate, Happy Holi

  34. Hello,
    I received a forwarded email about your recent blog on the poisoned tigers.
    i fwded it to my former senior colleague in Times of India, and for further information wrote to the Save the Tiger and WWF India.
    I have the same query for you.
    The problem here is economic desperation. If i was economically desperate and survived on herding goats, had children to feed then i wouldn’t care about the tigers killing off my means of subsistence either.
    What sort of rural development schemes are working in these areas?
    Are these people receiving any economic aid, employment aid, financial/health/ education aid?
    As long as they remain dependent on goat herding, the tigers will die. No conservation effort can really work out without the cooperation of the human co-inhabitants of the tiger preserve.
    I’m a social worker and i’m committed to saving the tiger, in theory, but not practice yet. Please tell me what is being done to help people help tigers.
    Thanking you,

    • Rural Development schemes here: I don’ really have an idea. But all the ones that are being run on a national level are there including NREG scheme. These people are not economically desperate by Indian standards and they are definitely not living at subsistence levels. Remember this is Rajasthan we are talkign about and not Chattisgarh or Orissa. Both the main accused had their own motorcycles, all the members in their families had mobile phones, they own large productive chunks of agricultural land etc etc. Sure they are not rich – I mean they do not have a car, plasma TV etc. They are far richer than the average person here and the average person here does not go around killing tigers because the tigers killed a few goats that they were grazing illegally within the tiger reserve. Besides poverty does not mean that your crime would be pardoned. They are criminals plain and simple. They do not deserve any sympathies and they definitely do not have mine.

  35. hi sir,
    i wanted to join your world.sir i m good photographer.i m pursuing msc in zoology from pune uni.
    please guide me.

    thanking you
    095955 95434

  36. Dear Sir,
    How r u.
    How’s Ur mission going on?
    After your motivation I took step forward by visited one wild life century near by my locality named chidi khow situated at narsinghgarh m.p.
    what the wonderful day it was I was with my another three friends who was also think like me. The place is very old developed by His highness narsinghgarh. Its coverage is about 300 square k.m.
    Here I get the information about the animals that leopard, deer, Neel gay, crocodiles, porcupine and many animals found over there.
    We entered in deep jungle. But unfortunately we didn’t found any species
    This is untouched place not the media give it coverage as it deserves.
    From there I decided that I will start my wildlife photography from there only.

    There is so many stories found about this jungle that the paras Mani is present there it is very mysterious jungle.
    I want to ask u that could it be possible that I start my photograph=
    y from there and I don’t know this type of photography the tricks, the came.
    As and many more thing I don’t know.
    Could u provide men the details for the above and please tell me that is there any training centre is available or not.

    azim siddiqui

  37. Just want to appreciate your amazing wild life photos on your blog.Wooooow……simply superb!!!!!!!
    I visited ranthambore for the first time on 14th to 16th feb2010.I and my husband went for afternoon safari on 15th feb and were very lucky and highly excited to spot two different tigers in zone -2,in our first safari in a canter.we cud enjoy the view for almost 20mins as the tiger was sleeping for sometime and then as the driver( Rasik )knew it was time for the tiger to wake up we waited there and we were very happy to click the sitting poses of the king of the jungle.Then it got up and started walking in between the woods away from the canter.It was a fantastic view and will cherish its memories for ever.This visit has made us nature lover,especcially has developed love 4 tiger.I felt very sad to know the death of two cubs recently.Govt should take immediate action to end this man-animal conflict due to shrinking zone for comfortable living of the tigers in ranthambhore. I read your blog for the gr8 news and tips it provieds for a layman like us about wildlifes.Keep up the good work.

    Anindita lahiri Biswas

  38. dear sir,

    ur blog is awesome..
    and whatever you are doing is simply great.
    hats off to you and your wife who supported you.

    I have completed my HSC this year..
    The results are yet to come..
    i love wild life birds n nature n i also love capturing them in my camera.
    I have not yet decided what to do after 12th n CET.
    so I am in search of my love.. I mean a profession that i would love.
    is there any scope for a wildlife photographer in India??
    can u give me information about wildlife photography or any other courses related to wildlife and institutes??
    please help me..
    I really need to decide my career..
    its high time now..
    waiting for your mail..

    Ankita Joshi,

  39. Hi Dicky
    The AP is doing a story on India’s diminishing tiger count. Am sure my colleague Nirmala may have already called you. My photo chief was also keen to source pictures from you, especially of the recent tiger killings. Was trying ur cell, but cudn’t get thru.


  40. Hello,

    Actually I have a copy of ‘Hints on Tiger Shooting’ by Col. Kesri Singh (1969), and have been motivated to put together a small fund-raising project in favor of tiger conservation based in part on his legacy, as it is.

    Might you have any idea how I may get in touch with the Col. (in case he is still living), or and/or his descendants?

    Meanwhile, would love to learn more about your work.

    Thanks and all the best,


  41. hello sir,
    how r u? and how’s ur trip.
    maine aapko mail kiya tha us waqt aap vietnam ja rahe the.
    main aapse baat karna chahta hoon.plz reply

  42. Hi Aditya,
    Should we be concerned? Since the relocation of Tigers to Sariska and Panna there doesnt seem to have been much of a follow up with further relocations or cubs being born? I thought it was a brave move and was really excited but now it feels like a token gesture that has fallen short of the objectives?
    Please let me know your thoughts?

  43. hi aditya sir m intrested in nature photography plese sir tell me how i show u my snapps. i m using sony a210 dslr camera with 55-200and18-55 lences. please sir give me a responce.i leave in nainital uttrakhand

  44. Hi Aditya Sir,

    My name is Pallav Tiwari and I belong to Sawaimadhopur. Presently working in an HP Enterprise Services at Pune.
    I have heard about your work and resort, but this is the first time I got chance to go through your blog. It’s really impressing.

    I am a big nature/wild-life lover and always wanted to be a wildlife conservationist, but couldn’t get any proper way to get into it.
    I have explored Ranthambhore a lot with Mr M D Parashar, he is our close family friend.

    Could you please suggest me a proper way so I can turn my wildlife love into my career. Presently I am preparing for IIFM(Indian Institute of Forest Management) but it is more on the Management side. Is there any oppurtunity so that I can work in you squad or any other way you like to suggest me?

    Your advice would be a great help.
    Looking for you valuable response.

    Thanks !

    Pallav Tiwari
    +91 9011048020

  45. Hi Aditya,
    I will be in Ranthambhore from saturday and will be staying at the Regency! I would love to finally meet you and hopefully you will allow me to buy you a beer by way of thanks for all the wonderful updates you always send me!
    Till then
    warmest regards

  46. Hi Sir,

    Im truly speechless after going thru your blog, to be v honest to you, Ive always been an admirer of the entire cat family , especially the leopard & tiger.

    I’ve been on this planet for 30 yrs & till 3 months back, i never went for a wildlife safari. 3 months back i went to Rajaji National Park at Chila, my 1st wildlife safari & i spotted the beast.

    The calmness, environment n music of the jungle fascinated me & yet at the same time had to stay alert because i didn’t belong there.

    Photography came to me just last year after having being inactive for almost 10 yrs in my life & right row i dont want to let go off it, so much so that i want to take it up as a career alongwith helping these majestic beasts come out of this dark hour of theirs. Problem is that i dont have degree or educational background to help me do it but i know for a fact that i have the passion to do whatever it takes to help in this cause but at times i understand, passion alone cant lead me everywhere.

    It was great to have found you here as ive been looking for someone who is into wildlife & doesnt look to be branded by big channels or Corporations to help these beasts. For the last few months, i’ve been contemplating a move in my career from the Corp world to a world which i relate to better & something that has been baking withing for a long time now but when reality hits me, practicality takes me to think that ive to support my family too.
    When i read the 1st few lines you mentioned about yourself (wherein you mentioned you left te Corp world for what you love), i told myself that this is me whose written it.

    I have a friend working for an NGO where in i would have loved to work in the core areas for the tiger but then my qualifications (Hotel Mgmt Grad) dont justify my passion.

    Im in love with wildlife & mountains & i know my camera will keep me connected with both & at the same time show people around me the reality which you have done.

    Im looking forward to a wayout as to how i can start taking steps towards something which i love doing rather than something im doing forcefully.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Shekhar Das

  47. This is fantastic & great blog i read ever. i read current india today magazine issue June 2010, i am so scared that how these criminal tribes “pardhi” are going there way to finish the tiger of India. How can we do from our side to save tiger, because people only reading & commenting then forget it. but it’s dangerous.

    With Regdrs
    Yashpal Solanki – Pali, Raj
    from Mumbai

  48. I need to talk to you something very urgent about tiger preservation and Tiger Safari,
    Please email me your number I will call you or email you back a reply of what I have in mind.


    Dr. G. Chopra

  49. HELLO SIR,

    my name is pranav i am 18 years old and love animals a alot.. I am from a small town of silvssa (D&NH).. our place is full of wildlife.MY dad has gifted me a canon 550d and i have started some wildlife photography in near by forest and satuary’s. i saw ur photo they are really too good. i hope i get a chance to work with u….

  50. sir,
    i read your blog its fantastic blog i have ever read. actually i want you to take a look on my pictures which i clicked. actually i m deciding my career so i need your can you please check my photos. if yes then please let me know via mail. my email id is written(

    Looking forward to your reply.



  51. Dear Aditya,

    Suhasini the girls and myself would like to thank you for the wonderful evening at your place last week. It was very kind of you to have taken the time.

    We had a nice outing to BALAS the next day.

    Look forward to sitting with you and sinking several beers when you are next in Delhi.

    Kind Regards

    Nadim Haidar

  52. Dear Aditya Sir,

    I’m a student at IIT Bombay, read ur blog…really amazing…I’m interested in wildlife photography & nature photography…currently I’m using Canon EOS 1000d with 55-250mm IS…I’m looking for a person with whom to discuss how to shoot wildlife…can I contact you for this? I would also like to shoot leopards…

    If ur not busy wud u check my albums on
    I wud be very happy to get some comments from u…I’d like to say your pictures of tigers are really amazing…i liked the picture of the tiger with the kill…and that of the elephant from the ground…I’d love to learn the way u photograph wildlife…

    Thanks & regards
    Bijon Lahiri

  53. Respected Sir,

    I, ANIKET SHARMA is presently pursuing M.Tech (STRUCTURAL ENGG. (2008-2010) from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (M.N.I.T., Jaipur) which is about to end, as I am into its last semester which mainly includes Thesis/Dissertation work.

    With due respect, I’d like to inform you that I have heard about various prestigious Wildlife Projects carried out by various organisations other than the one taken by the Government. Hence, I am very keen/looking forward to work for such Organizations as my ‘First Job’, irrespective of the fact whether it will be of my field or not. I I always wanted to work for the animal welfare realising the fact that I’m quite passionate towards working for animals but couldn’t find any opportunities and ways in this area.

    Do you have any information regarding all this? I’d be very obliged, if you provide with me any little information.

    Or what are the other ways u can suggest for working for animals?


  54. Hey Aditya,

    How are you?

    I have an assignment for you that you may find interesting.There is a magazine for animal lovers that I write for. Its a monthly available at all major book chains across the country.

    We are looking for wildlife photographers who can contribute their pictures and even experiences along with some inputs on how we can design the article to meet the expectations of wildlife aficionados. We would also like contributions of pictures of birds and inputs, if any for the bird articles.

    Keep me posted if you would be interested so I can connect you to the editor-publisher.


  55. Dear Aditya,
    We tried to contact you but we don’t find any email address or contact number of yours so we are using your comment section to get in touch with you.
    We have added a link to your blog under a special section called ‘The Best Web Links’ (see it on this page: In this section, we feature recommended content from blogs, travel information sites, tourism sites, etc. providing our visitors with relevant information about a destination.
    We have created a badge that states that your blog is ‘Featured on TripAdvisor’. This badge will lead your users to the following page on TripAdvisor where they can read real traveller reviews on Ranthambore hotels: For further we need your email id-
    For any query feel free to contact us-: +91-9310280115

  56. Dear Dicky

    If you remember, I am Anand Singh, MSRIT, Bangalore. Amarnath from BMS told me about you. Plz send your contact no. so that i can phone you for the conversation.

  57. hello sir,
    i’m prasad……..i should start the wildlife photography….
    so i need the suggesion from u in this photography……..
    6 months expriance for photography….
    i’m very intrested photography…..
    this my heart…………..
    i’m work hard in this photography……..

  58. Respected Sir ,have seen your website and i really love your wild life photography ,am from Chandigarh and even ilove also wild life photography a lot .am a freelancer and sir i came with a hope to get some precious advice on wild life photography as i have no one here from whom i can get the advice…i hope to get that from you.sir am sending you the link of some of the pics i have clicked.
    2.wild life (!/album.php?id=554423239&aid=185325)
    these are some selected pics that i have uploaded, i hope you some time to view them
    Karan Vir singh

  59. Date – 26th – August – 2010.

    I am sending a copy of letter (Below), which I have sent to NDTV Please comment on this letter by sending me an Email.


    Sunil Joshi

    The project head — Save tiger,

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    It is observed – The final victory of a war is performed by the Army on the battle ground with support of air force.

    NDTV is doing an excellent job by telecasting / airing awareness about tigers

    There has to be a ground level campaign for awareness about tigers .

    My idea ————–

    I wish to organize a walk for tigers from Pench national park (Madhya Pradesh) to Bandipur national park (Karnataka)

    This walk would give a great mileage for sponsors as well as the awareness about the tigers

    I introduce myself as Sunil M. Joshi, from Thane, Maharashtra, India.

    My previous experience – I have walked approximately 2600 K.mtrs. in Norway from North tip to South tip of Norway.

    The proposed project ————————

    Charity Walk for tigers

    A charity walk. Raising funds for saving tigers in India.

    The cause – Awareness to masses about tigers.

    Walk —- Walk from Pench to Bandipur.

    Route — Mainly on roads, via Nagpur, Hyderabad & Banguluru.

    Distance – Approx. 1500 kilometers.

    Duration – Around 60 to 70 days, in the months of December 2010 January 2011 &
    February 2011.

    Method of raising funds

    Environmental activity – Planting a tree for a business house in lieu raise funds for
    Saving the tiger.

    Slide shows / screening of films – Appeal public for donate for the cause


    Hard core walking team — Will walk the whole distance.

    PR team — Will raise funds, arrange accommodation / food for the walk members,
    Arrange slide shows / tree plantation ceremonies.

    Support team — Will help the walkers, drive the support vehicles, prepare food for
    the team & other odd jobs.

    Total strength – Between 5 & 20. In the bigger cities masses would certainly join
    this walk for a day or so.

    Walk – Most of the times on tar roads.

    Stay — schools, community halls, colleges, welfare centers or TENTS.

    Eat – Prepare food on stoves or eat with the sponsors.

    Elements required for this walk which ought to be generated from sponsors

    Saplings of trees

    Public address systems

    Projectors 2 nos. / laptops 2 nos. for slide shows & films

    Celebrities to participate in the walk

    Propaganda of this walk through print & electronic media

    Support vehicle 4 wheeler

    Support vehicle 2 wheeler

    Fuel for the support vehicles

    Tents & other camping accessories

    Food, medicines & first aid box

    Shoes & socks

    Communication gear – as mobiles & walki talkies

    About myself —

    1978 : Rock climbing course “A” grade.

    1980 to 1983 : Rowing competitions first position.

    1985 : Represented India, for a walk of 2600 kilometers
    in Norway & completed the same walk in 84 days.

    1986 & 1987 : Liaison officer for European trekking organisations in
    the Himalays.

    1979 till today : Organises courses & camps of adventure sports
    for college students & school kids.

    1987 : Established a manufacturing unit of “Great Outdoors”
    which manufactures equipments for outdoor sports.

    2003 : First position “ Dahanukar Entrepreneurship award” by “Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industry”
    (Government of India)

    2005 : Consultant for “Salt march 2005” (75th anniversary of
    “Dandi salt march”) for tented accommodations.

    2006: Erected a “Rock climbing wall” for Thane police school.

    2007: Attended a conference in the USA, subject — “Challenge
    course technology”


    Sunil Joshi.

    Mobile – 91 22 0 9223319216. E mail –

    Residential address — 302, Gautam sindhu society, panch pakhadi, Thane
    West, Maharashtra, India, Pin – 400602. Phone – 91 –
    22– 25337290

    Address, manufacturing unit — Unit no. 1,2 & 3, Sachin industrial estate,
    Kolbad road, Thane (West), Maharashtra,
    India, Pin – 400601.

    Office address — Shop no.3, Gautam villa society, Ghantali mandir marg,
    Naupada, Thane (West), Maharashtra, Pin – 400602.
    Phone 91 – 22 – 25422072.

    Address of showroom in Mumbai — Shop no. 10, Sunshine heights, Jain
    health centre lane, Dadar (West),
    Mumbai — 28. Phone — 91 – 22 –

  60. Hi Aditya,
    Missing the happenings at Ranthambhore…pls write something…its been long to read about tigers.
    How is Machhali? Read that she is not keeping well. Pls update

  61. Dear Mr Singh


    I am coming to Ranthambore with my wife and two sons aged 15 & 10 in October. Sir, I was unable to get much of info about your resort from the net and have made a preliminary booking at Safari Lodge. Today my friend from Bangalore was praising your resort and though your resort was a choice for me, somehow I could not book till date.
    I would still like to put up at your resort for 1n/2d if you can offer a good package as I would like to have a separate room for my children.
    You can also call me on 9831033317.


  62. Dear Aditya,

    Could you kindly share your email id or any contact , we wanted to speak to you regarding a televised show.

    Kindly do revert.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Delafruz Tangri
    Sr. Manager Operations Activation
    Box Office India

  63. Hello Aditya Ji,

    My name is Rajat and I am starting my long time pending wildlife and nature photography journey soon. Now that I have some funds, I have planned to purchase a good DSLR and shortlisted the following DSLRs – Nikon D90 and Canon 550D. Though I have seen many wildlife photographers chosing either a Nikon or a Canon, I would like to know what do you recommend for the Indian tropical climate. Because once I chose, I will not be invest in a new camera for the next 3-5 yrs.

    Hoping that you see my post and reply back,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajat Singh

  64. Heyyyy Adityaaa ,
    I am 27 years old ,completed my B-Tech in computer science and Engineering but i kinda didn’t liked the stream i was in .I don’t find peace in city life .

    Read about you and how you left your job and stream .
    i dunno an iota about photography but it seems a wonderful thing .
    HELP ME MATEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ….can i be with you and work with you ??

    Bless you and your cause anyways .
    my email id :

  65. Hello Aditya Singh, Remember my name. I am a die hard fan of Ranthambhore even though living in Pakistan, I will never and have never before seen this paradise of time , history and nature.I am all for conservation of the Royal Bengal tiger and of course, Mother Nature.Your photographs bring out the tigers and the Ranthambhore terrain in all their magnificent glory. God bless you for the efforts you have taken in the past, the personal sacrifices you have made and also for what you are doing at the moment. If and when I make it to India next, Ranthambhore being my favourite Indian destination will faithfully be on the top of my tourism list. Hope to see and meet you then, for an autograph too.

  66. Once again , Iwill disturb you just to let you know that my favourite place in Ranthambhore are the Rajbagh ruins. (You will notice I spell the name of this magical place the way it should be spelt. In my afterlife I will haunt these ruins.This way , at least, I will not disturb any animals. Is’nt that the best way to observe, study and understand Ranthambhore?

    God bless you in your efforts,You will prosper in your noble mission.Not only am I sure of it, but I religiously believe it.

    Thank you for some great sights.
    Vijay Rao, 178 Sarwar Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  67. Thanks for your dedication for tiger preservation in India.

    It would be nice if you can please allow bolg subscription, so we will know when you make some update.

    Would you please email me, so I can ask some question about Ranthambhore.

    Warm Regards,

    Subrata Guhamajumdar
    Fremont, California, USA.

  68. Hi Aditya

    Just wanted to say that I really admire the work you are doing and wish you all the best for the future. I am a great admirer of wildlife would like to get into the field as well. Any tips you can give me on how to get started..


  69. Hi Aditya,

    Great to see your work/ passion! Would like to meet you and share thoughts on tourism in Ranthambhore. Have a look at my website to get acquainted with what i do.
    Also, I am 1997 batch from BMS, so thought would be anyways a great idea to meet.
    Let me know if you are free during dec 3rd week, im planning to visit Ranthambhore to tie up with hotels/ resorts/ lodge.

    Best wishes,

  70. Hi Aditya, Read Gteat reviews about Ranthambhore Bagh. Me and my friends are keen to check if you have any availibility in your pleasant resort. we want to come for 26th and 27th of dec ( 4 of us) . I am trying to connect but not able to reach you. I have tried calling on the number given.

    It will be great to hear from you



  71. Hi Dicky “Bana”,

    Yours is a truly amazing website I have ever seen. The charisma and magnetism your website carries can’t be put in words.
    Though I am a wildlife lover, but the first thing I wish to do when in Ranthambhore is meeting you, followed by Jungle safari. Hope to see you & Tigers soon.


    Nikhil Mathur

  72. Sir,
    Felt very nice after viewing your photographs on nature. I would like to know whether you would like to come to our college (National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh) during our cultural festival Springspree 2011 and ignite our knowledge in photography.

    Anticipating your reply.

    Yogesh Wagh
    General Secretary
    Photography Club
    National Institute of Technology, Warangal

  73. Hi Aditya,

    I bumped on your site, while searching for alternative career suiting my hobbie. I loved your blogs. Your knowledge of histroy of park shows, how much focused time you have spent in park.

    would like to know more about private public partnership programs in the parks.

    About me I have devloped photography as hobbie in past few years while doing my mumdane IT job which allowed me access to parks in South Africa and Alaska.

    Look forward to have quick chat with you some time if possible

  74. Hi Sir,

    I sincerely appreciate and look up to the enormous contribution that you have made to conserve the wild life. The way you have captured the most majestic animal is amazing!
    I believe the wildlife photography makes a huge impact to depict the true picture of nature.

    I am corporate lawyer by profession and am extremely passionate about wildlife and nature photography.Not only that I want to capture them in my camera for records but would also like to extend my support in which ever way possible to conserve and protect wildlife.

    I am residing at Lucknow ,U.P. and keep visiting the ‘Dudhwa Tiger Reserve’ frequently for photography.I would not like to restrict my visits to jungles for the purpose of photography only however I seriously want to whatever I can for wildlife conservation.There are a lot of NGO’s working towards the same however the political and departmental are so much so that they are almost the same color as the forest department.

    It would be great if you can guide me the way forward so that I may also be of some help in conserving the wildlife at Dudhwa.

    Looking forward to hear from you,solicit your guidance!

    My contact details are as under :-

    Name : Mohit Verma
    Age : 29 years
    Address : C – 157 ,Nirala Nagar Lucknow,U.P.
    Contact No. : 09794953179,09670111001

    Mohit Verma
    Email :

  75. Dear Dicky,

    I have look at your website and admire your work and dedication to wildlife conservation. I live in Thailand and have worked here for many years photographing wildlife. But it is time for me to get out and photograph wildlife in other parts of the world. I did make a trip to Kenya last year and while I was there, I met some Indian photographers who talked me into going to India after tiger.

    I am a close friend of Chris Rodgers and he has told me all about you, your resort and knowledge of the park. We planned to go to Ranthambore in late March. But it looks like we won’t be able to make it together because of a few issues. However, I would still like to come maybe sometime in late April or May for about two weeks. I hear transport is a bit difficult and must be reserved.

    I look forward to hearing from you on the possibility of visiting your beautiful land of the tiger.

    Best Wishes,
    L. Bruce Kekule
    Wildlife Photographer

  76. Hi Aditya,

    I’m presently doing research for BBC Productions in Mumbai and would like to get in touch with you. If you can give me your email address and contact numbers then I could get in touch with you. At present, I would like to speak with you in general about the Tiger condition in India, ongoing work, etc.


  77. Hi Dicky,

    I have gone through your website and there is some amazing stories about India, a place I have always wanted to visit as a wildlife photographer. I was scheduled to go with our friend Chris Rodgers but it will not be possible this year. I would like to make arrangements to come visit Ranthambore and to say at your lodge sometime next year in March. I would appreciate hearing back from you concerning bookings, park fees, jeep and lodge costs. Hope this finds you in the very best and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Cheers, L. Bruce Kekule

    • Hi,

      Sorry for not getting back earlier. Someone had hacked my blog and I just managed to recover all these comments. Chris has all the rates etc. Looking forward to seeing you in Ranthambhore.


  78. Hi mam,I want 2 be wildlife photographer…..
    so,can u plz help me 2 achieve my goal..
    I am 16 years old studying in class 10th..

    thank you…..

  79. Hello Aditya
    I need to ask you something quite important about some fund-raisng I am organising on behalf of Ranthambhore, here in the UK. My laptop died recently and I have lost your email address.



  80. hello, good work aditya, like ur blog, ur writing, pics.
    wish to visit ranthambhore someday, also i like deserts and wildlife there as i have spent most of my childhood in remote areas of kutch.
    dr. anand joshi (consultant homoeopath, ahmedabad)

  81. Sir,

    I m very fascinated by your work, I too am a frequent visitor to Ranthambore and saw you when I went there in April. I must say your work and dedication towards wildlife is commendable and quite inspiring ( even I took some pictures of the Ranthambore tigers would love to show them to you)

  82. Dear Sir,

    I hope you are back from your vacations… when ru starting working on photography again sir.. plzz lemme know and i would love to be a part of that session… God bless and enjoy…

    Love u all in Ranthambore…

    Kanika Kaira

  83. Dear Aditya,
    On my safari to Masai Mara, I met an Italian lady by the name of Elena. After the evening game drive, we met at the camp and were chatting on wildlife photography. The subject of Tiger photography came up, and she mentioned that you had been very helpful in organizing her tiger safari in Ranthambhore, Kanha and Corbett a couple of years ago.
    I have done a very enjoyable tiger safari in Bandhavgarh 2 years ago, but have yet to visit the Ranthambhore sanctuary. The rules and regulations seem difficult for me to understand with regard to my interest in wildlife photography.
    Visiting your wonderful website, I also learnt that we went to the same school, of course at different points of time.
    I would very much appreciate if you can guide me in planning a tiger safari in Ranthambhore sometime next year- best time for photography and preferebly less crowd, the zone system and its impact on tiger viewing and photography,, etc.
    Best wishes,

  84. Hi Aditya,
    Wanted to know how you are keeping, you will remember me in Ranhombore when you showed me the pug marks of the leapord, then you asked me for money for showing the difference, and i said Bahut Menga Hai, and we fell about laughing, so now these days i have settled in village Mocha Kanha Kisli M.P, my home is Misty Meadows, you are welcome anytime you are in the area, im always open to talking about tigers and wildlife, Bet you liked the Masai Mara, very different controls for their wildlife, Seeing the deer in the water without the fear of the Tiger bursting from the folage would be so different.
    Look forward to hearing from you, and if you cant remember me maybe i can send you a picture, but i guess our laughing you will remember.
    Kind Regards

  85. I am doing an assignment on sloth bears and was wondering if you would kindly allow me to use one of the pictures from your tiger bear confrontation blog post. You would be fully credited in references of course.

    Many thanks,

    Meg Noblett

    (please email me at

  86. Dear sir,
    I just visited your blog, it is really awesome. Thanks for sharing such informative things here. your work is fabulous.
    Sir, I am a nature lover and love to do wild life photography. I love forest and animals. What a wanted to know is, how can i get into this profession, like, a wild life photography? or how can I work under a wildlife photographer? Please let me know, as i do not want to miss any chance and time. I have given my mail id there. please tell me 1 more thing, give me ur FB link as well..

    thank u 🙂
    and take care.

  87. Hello,
    Italian magazine of nature and photography “Oasis” organized the second edition of the International competition of Nature Photography “Oasis PhotoContest” with a total of more than 30,000 euros in prizes divided in 10 sections. The deadline for entries is November 30, 2011. If you would like to know more about us, you can visit our website at 
    In case you’re interested in our proposal, we send you a short text that you could either put on your website
    As the competition is indeed divided in 10 different sections:
    C) BIRDS
    For more information on registration visit

  88. Hi Aditya,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog and your commitment to wildlife conservation. We certainly need more people like you in India! I’m a New York based journalist. I came across your blog through the website of Broken Tail, a documentary that I loved and at the same time, like others who see it, was also heartbroken by. I wanted to please chat with you about a topic related to tiger conservation that I would like to start researching for an article/media project. I am also very interested in donating some funds to a tiger conservation group in India and would love your advice in indentifying a group that is doing good work on the ground. Would be great if you could email me. And when you have the time, I would love to be able to talk with you on the phone.

    Many Thanks,

    • Except for writing a very basic blog, taking pictures and dong some small time local conservation work – I am not doing much for tigers. For that matter almost no one is 🙁

      Wildlife in India needs far more work than that.

      There are very few charities working with wildlife in India that I would donate to. Most of them are like big corporates that are more interested in mileage than anything else. I do support some small organization that work locally and have very low overheads.

  89. Hi,
    Nice blog…..i m also interested in wildlife photography…

    I learnt the basic photography rules from Mr. Kishore Mamillapalli who is one of the leading wildlife photographers from South Africa. He used to say that “Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder”. If you like what you see on your camera screen, or through the viewfinder, you will like the photograph.

    There are some basic photography rules for composition. Once you know these rules, you can use them, ignore them, or break them. Follow your gut, and you will end up with spectacular, sometimes breathtaking results. Kishore is really an astonishing wild life photographer and has a great eye for details..

  90. Hi Sir.

    I just see you in education times and tour your side , its very good actually I am not right person who can cements on photography, but I lime photography. God give you strength doing better and better every day.

  91. Hi, I can’t find any contact details on here. Could you please contact me via email to discuss a tiger photography project I’m planning. Thanks, Jon

  92. Hi,
    This first time iam wrighting to you.I love to see these photos in your album.I am a great fan of Discovery,NGC,Animal planet and your’s.

  93. Sir,
    i am also wild life passionate like u ,is it possible for me also to contribute some thing towards it like u have been doing ??

  94. I read about you Mr. Aditya. Great job. I was in Ranthambhore last November for 2 nights and we stayed at Nahargarh Fort Hotel. Wish I had known about you earlier and I would have loved to meet you and stay at your place. Unfortunately we will not able to sight a tiger that day.

    I live in Dubai and would love to come once again to sight a tiger and take some nice pictures. I was told that summer is the best time to come as at that time there are very few tourist and the chance of sighting the tiger are more since they come out to the waterhole for drinking water. This time I will plan a 5 days visit, to enter the park at least 8 times.

    Hussain Nalwala

  95. Hi Aditya ! Thanks for the chance to meet up in Ranthambore ,it wasgreat talking to you .Do let me know when you are in sri lanka next> appreciate if you could share with me you brothers e mail addresss or website . Interested in doing the snow leopard tour in ladakh.BTW great pics.

  96. Hi,
    Aditya this is Adeet we met at phuta banda a couple of weeks back where 24 was on the sambar kill my friend mihir and then i actually took a couple of shots with the smaller lens which we were joking about but then you said sen me a picture of what you are shooting 🙂 it actually came out quite nicely. also have put up a friend request to you on facebook, i will share some pictures with you once i have your mail I.D. as you of all people know what happens to pictures on the net.
    hope to be back soon in RTR specially after 39s cub was seen .
    Would look forward to meeting up with you if you are free at the time.

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